About Us

Energy is our business.  Customers are our family.

Family owned and operated for over 50 years, our customer service and quality assurance philosophy is and will remain the cornerstone of our business. As we’ve evolved from Evans Brothers Farms to a fully integrated energy solutions company, our commitment to our customers has never wavered. So while our team of industry leading professionals is dedicated to developing advanced green energy solutions, we’re also committed to bringing cost savings home to you.


Originating in North Georgia, The Evans-Soymet family has for the last 50 years been a leader on the forefront of manufacturing, marketing and implementation of cross industry green energy solutions and applications. Ranging from renewable fuels, lighting solutions, skid manufacturing, and green power generation, Soymet’s continuous dedication to customer service and product quality assurance has truly set them apart as a leader in advanced green tech solutions.

With innovative patented precision blending techniques manufacturing renewable fuels, Soymet has created standalone green fuel applications for numerous transportation industries. Servicing the East and Third Coasts, Soymet’s environmental contributions through revolutionary green fuel solutions has set the standard for quality and industry application. Through its international resources Soymet has secured the most affordable lighting solutions on the market made from sustainable materials at the highest quality of industry standards.

With all products meeting rigorous performance standards and certifications including Energy Star, UL and DLC for utility rebates, Soymet ensures affordability and customer satisfaction. High percentage cost savings have propelled Soymet customers into the new era of advance green technologies for various applications such as schools & universities, hospitals, warehouses, parking lots & garages, retail & commercial spaces, all categories of transportation, retrofit projects along with LEED certified new construction.

With all products in stock at various distribution centers Soymet has eliminated lead time and is ready to introduce green technology while adhering to their customer’s timelines and production schedules. As a full service Energy Solutions Company, Soymet offers to its customers tailored energy audit and performance evaluations along with savings plans including finance option solutions for every green application in their arsenal against high energy costs.

Soymet green power generation and skid manufacturing has afforded Soymet the opportunity to provide complete service design, fabrication and installation of plug and play pumping/ blending skids for innumerable applications incorporating liquid handling, rail trans loading and highly advanced blending equipment. With patented technologies in advanced turbine steam generators, Soymet implements its expertise in conjunction with advanced combustion energy to lead the charge in green energy generation.

The Soymet group and their commitment to cost savings utilizing environmentally responsible solutions have set the goal to employ waste stream resources to maximize economic impact to every region it serves. Introducing highly advanced energy saving technologies through cost effective multi-faceted energy solutions, Soymet will continue to lead the charge eliminating non-green and environmentally irresponsible applications.


Soymet pledges to fulfill its obligation to continually excel in service and strive for product excellence serving all enterprises both public and private while ensuring the most advanced cross industry green energy solutions for decades to come.