Dyo Lighting


A Guiding Light

LED is leading the way in energy-efficient lighting and Soymet is bringing the technology to our family of customers. Boasting more than seven times the efficiency of conventional incandescents, LED can cut energy use by more than 80% while creating substantial savings. LED also shines a light on another shortcoming of incandescents—carbon emissions. Going green is gaining ground with consumers, so it’s good business to show that green is your one true color. From home to work and everywhere in between, we live in a well-lit world; with Soymet, it can be a more efficient and environmentally friendly one, too.

Solid-State Lighting (SSL) is revolutionizing the lighting market. Light-Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, represent a transformational change in how light is produced. They are versatile and incredibly energy-efficient, and as their color stability and lumen efficacy continue to increase, they are finding their way into an ever expanding range of general illumination applications.

Dyo Lighting lamps and downlight retrofits provide energy savings, long life and help meet sustainability goals. They are reliable, high quality replacements for conventional light sources for both commercial and residential applications. Product offering includes warmer 2500K products specifically designed for hospitality applications as well as standard 2700K to 6000K color temperatures. Energy saving replacements for fluorescent T5 or T8 lamps with innovative optical and mechanical design that achieves a light distribution pattern that minimizes lumen loss when installed in fluorescent luminaires. Available options include various offerings of retrofit kits with an external driver or direct lamp replacements with an existing instant start ballast. Economical LED lamp product offering providing good performance and value for all applications. They are reliable, good quality replacements for conventional light sources for both indoor, outdoor, commercial and consumer applications.

Dyo Lighting continues to affirm its position as a global lighting solutions provider, introducing innovative products that deliver energy savings, reduce impact on the environment and provide operational cost savings to end users. Innovation drives our growth and helps us maintain strong partnerships of cutting edge lighting solutions manufacturers. Our global R&D team is supported by a substantial corporate investment which is applied to Solid State Lighting research helping secure our position as an LED technology solutions provider.