Biomet Biogas Systems

Biomet Systems specializes in providing unique renewable natural gas solutions to its customers. We offer sustainable, green technology for all types of industrial bio gas processes. Our focus is on sustainable green solutions that are affordable and profitable. Plus, they are straightforward and easy to operate with high cleaning and removal efficiency for siloxanes found in renewable natural gas.
Renewable natural gas contains a lot of harmful pollutants. If released into the atmosphere or whether it is burned off, the pollutants can cause environmental damage. Biomet has found unique ways to collect and clean these renewable natural gases, destroying the contaminants, and use what is left for energy. Modern science is allowing us to turn these liabilities into assets. Biomet Systems will undertake the design and installation of gas conditioning equipment to remove impurities from the RNG produced at our customers facilities. We will even provide sales support for the clean gas, depending on the structure of the agreement with the customer.